We Stand for Abortion Justice

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We Stand for Abortion Justice

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Today would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The right to reproductive freedom is no longer protected in the United States ever since the Supreme Court overturned the decision. YWCA believes in protecting abortion because it is a fundamental right. Access to abortion gives women and others who are able to become pregnant many options when it comes to their health. Every person’s reason for deciding to have an abortion is different, and still the decision is theirs to make. The right to choose what happens in one’s own body is being stripped away. Abortion bans across the country have had and will have detrimental effects on women, people who can give birth and families. The efforts to criminalize abortion in certain states puts women’s lives and health care providers’ livelihoods at stake.

  • Women can be convicted of a federal crime and could face the death penalty in some states
  • Health care providers are going out of business and could face litigation if providing abortion care, leaving women with no safe reproductive care in their area
  • Women who don’t have the proper care in the event of miscarriage risk death

These are only a few problems that have arisen because of the lack of access to abortion. Abortion justice aligns with YWCA’s mission, and we are fighting for the right to access abortion care. Tell Congress to protect this right. #BiggerThanRoe  #AbortionJustice

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