Juror’s Selection

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Juror’s Statement

Having taught in the School of Art at Kent State University for over 35 years, it is always interesting to go out into the community to see how individuals, from varied walks of life –  including some art professionals, find pleasure and expression in making art.

This creative endeavor is a solitary pursuit and requires concentration and focus, with the best art work resulting from an imaginative intentionality, ambition and discipline.  Subject matter, whether realistically depicted or abstracted must be seamlessly integrated with visual principles, technical skill and focus to generate a meaningful viewing experience.

When making selections for this exhibition, I looked for work that conveyed a substantive vision and unique sensibility. The finest pieces – photographs, paintings, weavings, etc., do not confirm what we already know, or find comfortable, but demonstrate new insights through thoughtful and inspired use of medium and materials.

Janice Lessman-Moss
Professor and Head of Textiles School of Art
Center for Visual Arts
Kent State University