Women Artists Show

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Juror’s Statement

I am very honored to have been asked to judge the 39th Annual Women Artists: A Celebration!  I first began entering this exhibition as a very young artist alongside my mother Florence Gordon, who was a potter. We always felt that this show was way ahead of its time.

It has been recognizing fine craft as fine art – years before other venues did. This show also gives credit to art that, at one time, was considered “women’s handicrafts” such as quilting, jewelry making and weaving. These reasons alone have created a legacy to be proud of. It is not that we could not stand out among our male counterparts, but that we were not always invited to do so.

I viewed the works of many talented artists at varying stages of their artistic journeys. Some artists have shown a rich potential as their skills mature and other seasoned artists have had the opportunity to amaze us for years.

When sorting through entries, I looked for technical skills in the use of materials but foremost I looked for that intangible “something unique” that can manifest itself in many ways such as color, technique, form, and texture to name just a few. I also want art to make me think and wonder, or transport me to another place like great music. I want it to stick in my mind.

Lastly, I must state that you must not let my opinion or anyone else’s change the path you are on. When it comes down to it, any judge could be the one that had rejected young Picasso, so enjoy the show and support one another. Thank you.

Gail Trunick
Artist, Sculptor, Owner of Gail’s Train of Thought
Burghill, OH